The versions which we use previously started of scripts which did not transmit necessarily all the messages

( finally… It is the magic of Internet. And updates…)

Now on to send a message click here

BUT CAUTION! You must check in your mail-box if the message with dispatched is send

(simplest being to note a confirmation of reading at the time of the sendings of the message)

Important :

1 > write in first line of the message: The NAME and First name of the child

(Made not the error write with Doudou, my rabbit, my little flower or My son because

here all the children are "doudou", "rabbits ", "littles flowers" and "My son".)

2 > To specify the color of the team of the child (color of the label of the luggage. Red. Yellow bleue)

(the colors of the teams are valid only for the summer July and August)

Finally. If you are at work (we have a particular think for you…) ensure that the mail system is connected

The E-mail are printed and distributed to the children every morning .

So long…